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It is our constant endeavour to help businesses grow and evolve over time and to be able to achieve it, we want to work with people that synergise with the values that we strongly imbibe in every thing we do here at Felicity.

For the Company

Our vision is to take India to the world - capture its culture, its people, its expertise, and its diversity to enable other markets to enrich and inculcate Indian values; to make India a front-runner in advertising.

For the Team

We want to create world leaders who are willing to disrupt the Indian Advertising Industry and help our partners creatively share their products and services with the world.

Our Values


People over profits

Business is valuable, however, what you'll value most working here is to meet people that truly want to help you succeed and evolve into a better version of yourself. This is as much about people as it's about the business. You're here to build people up, not pull them down. We build together, we win together.

Think again, to gain

Every step you take will have consequences. First order thinking is fast and easy. Second order thinking is more deliberate. Second order thinkers ask themselves the question “And then what?” before making a decision. Make deliberate decisions.

Fight for great work

Be excited about denying the delivery of work that doesn't make you feel proud while broadcasting it to the world. Things you work on for our partners, personal projects, etc, should be done to inspire people to do better. Don't ever settle for mediocrity - there's enough of that.

Doing the right thing is always the right thing

As marketing professionals, there will be times when you face the dilemma of selling things you don't believe in. We encourage you to say NO to anything that doesn't sit right with your conscience.

Be accountable for your actions

The great thing about accountability is that it helps you keep in check how things are moving and where it needs correction. Own your work! Accountability is non-negotiable.

Respect people's time

When things happen on time the overall productivity of the team and output increases. Audit and optimize. Don't leave people hanging.

Conscious Advertising Network

The Conscious Advertising Network is a voluntary coalition of over 70 organisations set up to ensure that industry ethics catches up with the technology of modern advertising.

Mentored By Schbang

With a common vision of taking India to the world, we are mentored by India’s fastest growing agency and are proud to be a part of the Schbang Network. With this, we continue to build a strong mesh of creative companies on a common mission.

Join the Team

Our vision of taking India to the world is impossible without the help of honest, talented, and purpose driven individuals. We are on a constant lookout for people that believe in the power of ideas and dare to change the world with their own.
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