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A logo, a name, or a colour scheme aren't enough to define your brand. It is, at the most basic level, who you are as a brand. Customers' perceptions of your company are shaped by your branding, which may elicit an emotional response at every touch point if done correctly. Businesses with strong brands are more likely to retain long-term customers and have an easier time attracting new customers since they already know what they stand for.

Our Process


Internal Review

We begin by convening the management team for a discovery meeting. Take notes on your team's objectives, market tactics, and individual viewpoints.

Identify Target Audience

The next step is to identify all of your target audiences. If non-customer audiences are vital to your business's success, we take them into consideration. Partners, influencers, referral sources, and potential hires are examples of this audience segment.

Identify The Differentiators

We then start looking for differentiators or traits that set your company apart from similar competitors. Three conditions we pay attention to: It has to be correct. It has to be relevant to your audience. It has to be demonstrable.

Contextualize Messaging

We then move on to the next logical step and apply your differentiators and positioning to each of your audiences at this point to contextualize communication for different mediums.

Designing The Guidelines

The final step is defining the Brand Guidelines that outline how the brand is put together and mention what is and isn't permitted. These standards can be extensive, specifying how the brand should be applied in every circumstance, or they can be kept basic, allowing for variation and exploration.

What’s all Included

Logo Design
First impressions matter in a highly cluttered marketplace.
Brand Messaging
Brand messaging should have a purpose and consistency across channels.
Brand Positioning
The way you differentiate yourself from the competition is through brand positioning.
Brand Voice
Brands, like people, have their own distinct ways of expressing themselves.
Style Guides
Codify your branding guidelines for your stakeholders
Contextualize Branding
Define a coherent voice for different social channels


Make smarter business decisions while building a solid foundation for your brand.
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