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Understanding the power of influencers is only the tip of the iceberg. Identifying relevant influencers, aligning them with your brand’s vision, collaborating for content creation, and then seamlessly executing the campaign requires a deeper understanding of both the content creator and the brand. This is where we come in.

Our Process


Define Your Goals

Before we engage an influencer to help your brand, you should consider what you want to accomplish with their help. At this point, consider the desired outcome you want to achieve with this association.

Specify The Target Audience

Influencer marketing can allow you to micro target to a small segment of your own audience and not necessarily your general audience. This is where we define who we want to talk to using the influencers.

Shortlist Relevant Influencers

Our research determines who should be chosen for the campaign. We shortlist the influencers we wish to work with after being absolutely convinced that they fit perfectly into our desired communication model.

Set Partnership Guidelines

An influencer understands how to communicate effectively with their audience. Naturally, you must provide them enough breathing room in order for them to maintain their inherent format.

Realtime Evaluation

During the campaign, we most likely see an upsurge in activity surrounding the brand. This is an encouraging sign, and we consider it a crucial step towards creating as many positive impressions as possible.

Campaign Reporting

It is important to understand what worked and why it worked. We share a deep analysis of the same and set up the brand for future successful influencer campaigns.

What’s all Included

Talent Management
Help you match with the right talent for your campaign.
Influencer Marketing Plan
Devise an integrated plan led by influencers.
Personal Branding
Leverage the power of influencers to create new brand IPs.


Make smarter business decisions while building a solid foundation for your brand.
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