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About The Service

Technology and Design is a highly specialised department that deals in ensuring that your brand has the infrastructure in place that can support your marketing efforts and create an effective conversion funnel that positively impacts your ROI.

Our Process



This is where we define goals, how we will measure success, define needs, consider improving existing processes, and explore the available options before defining the Scope of Work (SOW).


We then start with implementing the SOW, and configure the required technologies. We then move to data migration, define usage and support, and at the time of delivery train the users.


At the start of the project, we defined what success would look like. At the end of the project, we take a look at what we've done to see if we've achieved that. We then come up with a set of measures and an ongoing process to track how well things are working.

What’s all Included

Website Development
Performance driven website to convert your customers.
AR/VR Solutions
Power of mixed reality for experiential marketing.
Search and Voice Engine Optimization
Optimize to rank high on both audio and visual platforms.
CRM Systems
All your data in one place for creating powerful marketing programs.


Make smarter business decisions while building a solid foundation for your brand.
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Case Studies

Our work that can be measured in business impact.
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